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I am deeply in love with sophisticated french style and asymetric details. I like to follow street fashion and bloggers. My task is to bring you outfits, moodboards and fashion news. „This century belongs to the women, their feminity and dignity. My fashion celebrates them.“ Audrey Hepburn

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15 x MUST-HAVE for summer holiday

Summer Packing Tips

1. One reeeally big bag, to pack in everything you'll need for longer trips and the beach visits. The best are the fabric one, which you can throw in the washing machine.

2. Sunscreen and hair spray. I mean it! When you don´t want to suffer the whole holiday quietly in the hotel room, apply the cream with SPF higher than you use at home.

3. At least two swimsuits are not just fashion matter. After bathing, put on a dry one. You´ll significantly reduce the risk of infections.

4. A small first aid kit is necessary. It should include analgesic containing paracetamol (such as Ibalgin), plasters and medicines for indigestion issues.

5. Put on some shorts when going to play beach volleyball. You´ll feel much more comfortable.

6. Hat is an instant rescue for salt and sun-damaged hair.

7. Keep an eye on your drinking regime. I do not mean the drinks at the beach bar, but clean water, to which you can add mint and lemon for a true refreshment.

8. It´s absolutely obvious why are sunglasses summer must-have piece. Right? Go for some stylish, which matches with your beach outfit.

9. Use a scarf when going on an evening walk by the sea instead of a sweater or sweatshirt. You´re gonna love this Medditarean style.

10. In addition to a beach bag pack in some clutch for the evening.

11. Long dress are perfect for the beach but also at the party. Try colorful exotic patterns and bright colors that underline your tanned skin.

12. Whether you love them or not, flip flops can´t be missing. They´re easy to wash and when you choose a higher quality, they are also anatomically shaped.

13. If you replace flip flops for heels, you'll get an instant evening outfit.

14. You'll need several towels. Latest collection offers you pieces with all-over prints and funny motives. Choose yours.

15. The long skirt is a hit of the season. With a flower in your hair, you´ll became a true beach goddess.

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