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I am deeply in love with sophisticated french style and asymetric details. I like to follow street fashion and bloggers. My task is to bring you outfits, moodboards and fashion news. „This century belongs to the women, their feminity and dignity. My fashion celebrates them.“ Audrey Hepburn

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3 rules for the first date outfit

date fashion tips

Unless you´re used to wearing high heels, you'd better put on your sandals, comfortable sneakers, or ballerinas. Nothing is worse than suffering in uncomfortable shoes. Don´t go into too much complicated cuts. Tight dress with a deep neckline, which you can´t breathe in, can send him a false signal that you´re an easy girl. On the other hand, too oversized sweatshirts may give him the impression that there´s something to hide. Stick to the golden middle path.

clothes on the first date

Clearly you want to look as chic as possible. But try to remember he invited you, not some mannequin. When choosing an outfit stick to the style you prefer the most. When you decide to buy a new dress for this even, try them before. I don´t mean a Y quick critical look in the fitting room´s mirror. Wear them on a meeting with a friend, who tells you truthfully whether they´re hot or not. You´ll be much more confident then.

the best first date outfits

You've heard it a hundred times, but it´s good to repeat it. A lot of makeup and accessories can make more troubles than it´s worth. Choose it according to the place and time when the rande-vous takes place. Try a naked look for the date in a park, but on the evening you can add more colors. Be careful with the lipstick. Not everyone adores it, and it can be one cons against the front door kiss. A natural smile is the most beautiful accessory. There is no guy who would resist :).

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