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Be trendy in any outfit with New Balance!

New Balance sneakers have been there for a long time. But only recently, they became a fashion hit you can wear with every type of outfit. A lot of celebrities fell in love with them. For example, Rihanna, Alexa Chung or the prominent couple - Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Alexa even wore them with her feminine suit during Calvin Klein fashion show in New York. For Steve Jobs, New Balance sneakers used to be something like a mantra. If he wasn't barefoot, he wore it all the time! So why can't you? We´ll show you, how to wear them in every style. You can be sure it is possible!

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New Balance sneakers celebrities outfits

New Balance rock is not dead!

Are your outfits all in ,,Keep on rocking" style and have the sports shoes used to be taboo for you? With the New Balance sneakers it isn't true anymore. The black matches with everything, so let's be different!

Rock style with New Balance sneakers.Rock style with New Balance sneakers.

No prejudices in business smart style!

Sneakers with blouse, suit or decent office dress? No way. If your reaction was the same, you're wrong! As you´ve seen already, Alexa Chung think it is possible and she definitely isn't the only one. Rules are made to be broken. Try to bring an originality into the most serious models. Let's brake all stereotypes with the New Balance smart style outfit!

Smart style with New Balance sneakers.Smart style with New Balance sneakers.

Street swinger

What would be more natural than a combination of a free urban style and the sneakers? Although this combination is not very unusual, it is definitely interesting and stylish! Colorful New Balance sneakers are able to refresh each of your street style outfit. 

Street style with New Balance sneakers.Street style with New Balance sneakers.

Sneakers and dress? Once a fashion sin, now a huge hit!

It can't look good, can it? Yes, it can! Just find a pair of New Balance sneakers which perfectly match your summer robe and you can hit the streets!

Dress with New Balance sneakers.Dress with New Balance sneakers.

Athletic style

Sneakers were born for sport, that's sure. Creating a sports outfit which looks really cool isn't that simple. However, sports style is still more and more popular, mainly because it is very comfortable. New Balance sneakers are the guaranty of stylishness in every situation.

Sports style with New Balance sneakers.Sports style with New Balance sneakers.

Do you now believe us that you can really wear New Balance sneakers to everything? It doesn’t matters whether you are a man or a woman, nobody is going to stare at you at the street when your outfit will be totally crazy. Breaking of prejudices is simply trendy today! So show your courage and buy one pair right now!

Photo sources: moejackson.com, revistagq.com, pinterest.com

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