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I am deeply in love with sophisticated french style and asymetric details. I like to follow street fashion and bloggers. My task is to bring you outfits, moodboards and fashion news. „This century belongs to the women, their feminity and dignity. My fashion celebrates them.“ Audrey Hepburn

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Beach queen without the gym [advisory service]

And the prize for the most common New Year´s resolution goes to: I´m going to loose some weight till summer. Days were passing by, snow was melting and our priorities somehow changed. Then an ice cream season came up without warning, together with all junky food and grandma´s apple pie. Our old resolution are now crawling in the corner and muscled Abs are just a dream. There´s nothing we can do about it when it´s time to pack for a holiday, is it? Well, I have nothing like some magic reduction programme. But I can learn you, how to break the rules and look perfect RIGHT KNOW.

beach body special Hacks

If you have an apple body type, you probably struggle with the tummy. Every fashion magazine recommend you to wear one-piece swimsuit, but you should know there are other ways how to highlight what´s beautiful and hide what you want to be hidden. Bet on your slim legs and eye-catching breast. Look for a tunic or T-shirt mini dress.

Are your legs and bottom a bit chubby? Wrap them comfortably into a long skirt. If your hips and Abs are in perfect condition, you can choose hip cut in combination with a crop top or bikini. Moschino came up with a rather sophisticated solution. Mesh dress can make you feel less naked and what´s more, they can shape the figure. Shorts are a good alternative for sports types.

Do you want some versatile miracle piece for every body issues? Here you are. Try maxi dress with highlighted breast area and experience the feeling when you know you look simply fabulous. It´s nothing new, but completely approved fashion trick. By me either :).

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