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My mantra is a quote from Coco Chanel: " Fashion, you can buy, but style you gotta have." Internet is my world. My aim is to inform you about the latest tweaks, trends, fashion pieces, videos, Lookbooks and legends come-backs, but also about fails and freakings. Stay tuned! "

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Bodypainting or "dressed in colors"

Usually clothing express not only our current mood, but it says who we are and what we are too. After all, this is exactly about that the saying  "Clothes make the man" is. Its quite clear, however, we express something with nudity too. Natalie Fletcher is a young american artist who transforms human bodies in a completely different form with her art.

Following photos are proof that dress in colors and "dress in colors" can sometimes be two completely different things.

Source: artbynataliefletcher.tumblr.com

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