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I am deeply in love with sophisticated french style and asymetric details. I like to follow street fashion and bloggers. My task is to bring you outfits, moodboards and fashion news. „This century belongs to the women, their feminity and dignity. My fashion celebrates them.“ Audrey Hepburn

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Eva from Glamazon.com [interview]

She currently lives in the UK, but she was born in Czech Republic. Likeable and ambitious Eva Mazuchova works as personal consultant and posts on www.glamazon.com, the blog about fashion, lifestyle, travelling and life in London. In the interview she speaks about successful blogging and her plans to the future.

Eva glamazon.com blog outfit

Hello, I´ll start with the basic question. How would you describe your personal style?

Sometimes I don´t know how to answer this question, because I´m quite versatile and it also depends on the environment. My style is completely different during workday and weekend. Bud I would say it´s a bit sexy, simple and always with a trendy touch. I like natural colors and sometimes I wear prints. I also like to combine cheaper and more expensive pieces. This is what I like the most about fashion.

Does your work as a personal consultant help you with blogging? Or is it oppositely?

It´s rather opposite. Thanks to my job I started with creating different content and I often present the readers my office wardrobe. My women colleagues are also regular readers. Everyone in my working environment is very supportive.

How is it possible to do blogging and work on your carrier in the same time?

I have only one answer to this. It´s all about planning and discipline. Laziness must go away.

Eva Glamazon outfit

Which characteristics should have a successful blogger?

This is difficult question, because every blogger is completely different. But if you want to earn enough for living, you should have business spirit, creativity and ambitiousness. One of the characteristics is definitely zeal to work and I can´t forget about the ability to plan effectively.

Is there something you would like to achieve in blogging?

There´s a lot of it. Before a few months I received a huge offer, which I wouldn´t even dream about, but I can´t tell you more yet. I was in Paris for a Fashion week and I had to read that email for a couple of times because I couldn´t believe it. It´s the biggest and the best offer which I´ve ever got. There´s lot of time and work behind this project, so I really hope that I can make it, despite of my busy schedule.

Who´s your most common photographer?

It´s a friend or boyfriend. I must admit it´s better when another blogger shoots you, because they have an idea how should the final photo look like.

Glamazon blog eva

I´ve read that you travel a lot. Where are you planning to go next time?

I´m going to Sicilia and Paris. Because of my job I´m always very time-bounded. For example now I was invited do France and Corsica, but I simply can´t make it.

You´re living in rainy London, but I´m sure you have some proved summer piece for hot weather. Which is it?

It´s the best to equip yourself with some airy dress in soft colors. You can combine them with sandals during the day and high-heels in the night. I prefer white color and neutral tones.

What can Czech girls learn from the English when it comes to fashion?

Don´t be afraid. Czechs are always wondering who people will say. Just put these worries away and you´ll have much more space for experiments.

Eva Glamazon blogger interview

photos: glamazon´s archive

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