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Find out which model of swimwear fit you the most

Summer is approaching and you are planning to buy a new swimwear? Before you do, make sure that your dream model is the right one for your body type. Women can be too self-critical sometimes, but you can trust me, each of us has strengths as well. You just need to highlight them and overshadow your imperfections.

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The ,,Triangle" body type

It is characterized by narrow shoulders and wider hips. Therefore, you need to draw attention to your strengths. Ideal swimwear for you are the one with patterned top and simple bottom. For example, try plastic flower pattern, which is a huge hit this summer. 

Bikini perfect fit tips

The ,,Inverted triangle" body type

This body type is the opposite of the previous one. It is characterized by broader shoulders and narrow waist and hips. Ideally, you should wear patterned, colorful bottom and neutral top. You can wear all shapes of the bottom, but the best are ones without strings. 

Bikini inspirations

The ,,hourglass" body type

This is a perfect type of body shape - it has significant hips and shoulders and a narrow waist. This means that you can wear almost any kind of swimwear, so you have many opportunities to highlight your curves. Ideal for you are swimwear with triangular shaped top with various patterns and colors, but you are so lucky that you honestly can wear whatever you want. 

Perfect fit bikini inspiration

The ,,diamond" body type

This body type has a narrow chest and hips, narrow waist and bigger belly. Tankini are the best choice for you. It is able to hide your problematic parts, but also you can roll it up and get some sun kiss. Also monokini are a big hit this season. The most important for you is to choose swimsuit that covers your most problematic part of the body - belly.

Monokini and tankiny inspiration

The ,,Athletic/boyish" body type

If you are an athletic type, it is possible that you have muscular torso without curves. It is necessary for you to highlight your femininity. Ideal are bikini with uncommonly shaped bottom part or a one-piece swimsuit with cut-out waist. You can highlight your femininity with padded bra as well.

Athletic body type perfect bikini

Source: astratex.cz

Photo sources: super.cz, pinterest.com


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