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From Samba through the ZX to Superstars and LA Trainers

This is how Adidas evolved, year by year with new model....

1950, Adidas brings to the market the first universal soccer shoes "Samba". It is said to be perfect for ice and snow.  

1952 is a brand of Adidas significant in that it provides the first marketing of sports bags.

1957 the first "air sole" nylon and polyamide soles for sprint was produced by Adidas .

1960 Adidas launches sneakers "Italia" - indoor - athletic shoes.

1962 Adidas starts to produce training and competition apparel and athletic jersey, with three stripes.

1963 also a significant year, Adidas ball producuction starts. These are the official balls 70 years on all major football events. (Futbalka TELSTAR, which was created with FIFA).

1964 Adidas first produced only 135 grams sneakers "Tokyo 64".


Adidas ZX Models

Sometime around 1983, Adidas ZX model was first produced. It became so popular that gradually emerged ZX 500 ZX 700 ZX 750 to (and not last) ZX 8000th Since 1987,  Adidas introduced this year ZX comeback with ZX 710 - suede Adidas, in two versions, in gray and spice yellow. 


LA Trainers and Superstar

1984 brough LA Trainers to the world, first as running shoes, which became so popular that it transformes to Lifestyle serie. The 80s borugh another great series , the Superstars, which are produces unchanged in the same form since then. With the only difference, that today you can obtain these Superstars in any color, "camouflage" or "snakeskin".


As always, Adidas pushes the boundaries further and further.

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