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How to care about your sneakers [advisory service]

Summer is the best time for a great sneakers cleaning. Why? When you put them on the sun, they get dry so much faster and during superhot weather you don´t really need them. Let´s speak about the basic cleaning issues. Can we simply throw them into the washing machine? Many sneaker´s fans are against, worrying mostly about cushioning. In principle I must say it depends on the specific type.

If you decide to use washing machine, set it to a low temperature, short cycle and put your shoes into a safe pocket. Before that, remove shoe laces and insole for thorough cleaning. When you wash the sneakers manually, look for some premium cleaning brush, which is able to cope with sensitive materials and use special soap, for  example Jason Mark serum. For ultra-quick cleaning just use disposable wet wipes.

Think about impregnation, especially in wet weather. Specialized footwear stores and e-shops offer a bunch of impregnating sprays at a reasonable price. Spray it on the shoes the evening before you want to wear them. If you´re in hurry, at least wait until it get dry. Did you forget the umbrella and you´re beloved sneakers are completely soaked? Don´t put them on the radiator right after. The upper may crackle and they may lose their shape.

To prolong the life and bright color of leather sneakers, use special cream. We all know how sweaty the feet can be in summer. Don´t risk a faux-pas and spray inside some deodorant. Adidas offers some specialized for sneakers, but you can use body spray instead.

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