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I am deeply in love with sophisticated french style and asymetric details. I like to follow street fashion and bloggers. My task is to bring you outfits, moodboards and fashion news. „This century belongs to the women, their feminity and dignity. My fashion celebrates them.“ Audrey Hepburn

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How well do you know the world of fashion? [quiz]

Little hint: you can find most of the answers in Brands24 magazine.

1. Which of these celebrities did not collaborate with adidas Originals?

  1. Rita Ora
  2. Pharrell Williams
  3. Taylor Swift
  1. Where was the brand Quiksilver founded?
  1. In England
  2. In Australia
  3. In the USA
  1. Which of these brands does not specialize at shoes?
  1. Keds
  2. Converse
  3. Roxy
  1. What is J. P. Gaultier famous for?
  1. Polka dots
  2. Diamond print
  3. Marine stripes
  1. What is Reebok?
  1. Animal
  2. Color
  3. The surname of the Reebok company´s founder
  1. Which designer was starring in the movie Dior and I?
  1. Christian Dior
  2. John Galliano
  3. Raf Simons
  1. Who does not work for the fashion magazine Vogue?
  1. Anna Wintour
  2. Glenda Bailey
  3. Grace Coddington
  1. How would you describe normcore?
  1. Monochromatic, muted colors, oversize, school uniforms
  2. Eccentric, exotic, all-over prints
  3. Girlie, pastels, floral designs
  1. Which company has the slogan "Just do it."?
  1. Adidas
  2. Nike
  3. Puma
  1. Who is the current creative director of Moschino?
  1. Jeremy Scott
  2. André Leon Talley
  3. Maria Grazia Chiuri


Correct answers: 1.c), 2.b), 3.c), 4.c), 5a), 6.c), 7.b), 8a) 9.b), 10.a)



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