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My mantra is a quote from Coco Chanel: " Fashion, you can buy, but style you gotta have." Internet is my world. My aim is to inform you about the latest tweaks, trends, fashion pieces, videos, Lookbooks and legends come-backs, but also about fails and freakings. Stay tuned! "

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Legend of Reebok The Pump

It's 1991. In fully crowded hall in Charlotte, North Carolina, a famous exhibition tournament NBA All-Star Game is taking place. In it's popular part - Slam dunk contest, the biggest names of former NBA are taking part. Audience of 20 thousand people went literally speechless couple of times already, afters some incredible smashes out of improbable directions and distances. At the start of the second round, just before the eyes of the whole nation, Boston Celtics player Dee Brown takes the ball, dribbles, then bowes to the ground and entertaining visitors, hosts and other players he ... pumps his Reebok sneakers. And precisely this moment marked the real beginning of a long and glorious era of technology Pump by Reebok. Brown obviously smashed, and after the third round he won the tournament with his legendary "No-look-Dunk"

After this massive advertising The Pumps became a hit. In next four years there were 20 million pairs of them sold in the world. They are now considered a cult.

The idea of ​​Reebok Pumps assumes that everyone has a unique foot shape and yet all the shoes are manufactured by one universal model. Pump is a simple solution to this problem - you can simply pump them around your instep into the shape that corresponds exactly to your foot.

On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Reebok decided to issue a special edition sneakers Pumps. Fifteen different designers worked on them and as you can see, they made a good work.

Reebok Pump the legend

reebok pump history

Reebok The Pump basketball shoes

The Reebok Pump System

Reebok teh pump system

The pump




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