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My mantra is a quote from Coco Chanel: " Fashion, you can buy, but style you gotta have." Internet is my world. My aim is to inform you about the latest tweaks, trends, fashion pieces, videos, Lookbooks and legends come-backs, but also about fails and freakings. Stay tuned! "

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Reebok ZPump - how does it work?

There were thousand of words written and spoken about the Pump technology from Reebok. And it's not surprising. This gadget is on the market for 25 years, but there is still room to innovate and improve in order to produce the most comfortable shoe in the world. With the new model ZPump is Reebok already quite close to this ambitious goal. If you are wondering how the revamped Pump technology works in a new model of sneakers, check out the video.

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