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My mantra is a quote from Coco Chanel: " Fashion, you can buy, but style you gotta have." Internet is my world. My aim is to inform you about the latest tweaks, trends, fashion pieces, videos, Lookbooks and legends come-backs, but also about fails and freakings. Stay tuned! "

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Rita Ora for Adidas Originals

Rita Ora  a singer, songwriter, actress and now a designer has prepared for Adidas Originals and three collections this year. Black (sold from 21st of August), Pastel and Colorblock (on sale from 1st of September) and the last one  Spray Roses, which will be on sale from 1st of November.  As we can see from the first 2 collection, there is a lot to be looking forward. 

Black collecion

The name already reveals that it black, dominated by countless patches and a large ROs (for dummies Rita Ora). In this collection you will find Rita's literally everything from caps to sneakers. 

Pastel and Colorblock  

This collection is completely different, filled with colors - pink, blue, yellow, as well as great cuts, for example jacket with balloon sleeves ( on the picture). Pastel is rather more romantic collection. Colorblock is black again, but with colored blocks. This collection offers for example, tracksuit with paster-colored stripes, or black shoes with pastel soles.

Regarding the last collection, already the name (and Spray Roses) suggest that it will be great again.

Shop the collection at brands24.

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