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"The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." Yves Saint-Lurent. If you are also a fashion-passionate, welcome to my blog. :)

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What do your Converse reveal about you ?

Options of Converse sneakers are really endless, whether you prefer simple classic black or white, intense red, pastel colors, neon colors, flowers, animal motifs, comic book printing and rhinestones and glitter. Converse has really everything for you. Color selection is truly important because it defines you. Tori Felder, expert and passionate Converse user conducted a study of what your Converse sneakers say about you. If you already have some at home you can see what they reveal about you. If you are still deciding, find out the perfect pair that fits your personality.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Black


It is clear at first glance,  that  your are the classic. Black says " I flirts with fashion, but I'm not going into any risk". I prefer practical pieces that are never out.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Red Top


You know that red shoes attract attention. So what, particular they are comfortable and nice. A self-confident type who is down to earth. If you prefer hi-top,  you are the type who acts eternally youthful. Hi-top model stands out for quite perfectly with skinny jeans or denim shorts.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Optik White


This model is the most popular model of all time. They even became the official shoe of New York City . Well let's say honestly, do you know another shoe that would fit really everything than these white Converse? They fit really anything and anyone, no matter what you wear.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Pink


If you are attracted to pink, this model tells about your need to differentiate yourself and stand out from the white crowd. While pointing out your girly nature.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Blue Pool


With these Allstar you can feel like you're walking around the cloud, as light as air. These Converse indicate the soul of true traveler who is always on the move.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top 70 Stars


Printing shows that it is right "fashionist"  fashion lover, which has the courage to distinguish yourself and show your unique style.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Campbell


If you have not found yourself in any of the colors,  Converse brings for true connoisseurs, a special limited editionslike retro or art like Andy Warhol edition (pictured) or  comics. They are a unique opportunity for all Converse fanatical collectiors.  These editions are produced in limited quantities and only once. They are also an excellent investment for the future, because these models increase in value over time.

Do your Converse fit your natures? If you just found out you do not have the appropriate model, lets fix it.Brands24 has them all for you :)


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