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"The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." Yves Saint-Lurent. If you are also a fashion-passionate, welcome to my blog. :)

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Early spring Outfit inspiration with padded jacket

Were you also confused by this week's 26 degrees on the thermometer and with a sigh of relief decided to put all the winter clothes under the bed? Well, there were more of us who hoped that we will see our warm jackets soonest in October. But since the weather is one of those things that can not be commanded, can not be educated and does not respond to threats, we are about to accept the fact that it just does what it wants and what is true one day, it hasn't be on the other. If you are already at the end of the forces, and after a long winter you can not anymore invent new outfits that look good and keep you warm at the same time, I have a tip for a spring outfit in case of sudden cooling. Its basis is easy, but warm extended and hooded padded jacket from Adidas Originals. It can be worn with slim jeans and it end near the mid-thigh. For your feet we recommend one of the most stylish sneakers of this season - New Balance.

Outfit & Styles - Adidas Jacket - New Balance 410

Adidas Originals padded jacket

New Balance sneakers

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