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How to wear boyfriend jeans

You probably do not need to emphasize the importance of boyfriend jeans in the wardrobe of every woman. I suppose, as a true fashionist you already have at least one pair. If not, let's pretend that this is only a temporary thing and you should buy this versatile piece at the earliest opportunity.

Anyway, jeans that look like you just pulled them out of the closet of your boyfriend, are a trendy piece for of at least three years, and every year they discover in new variations. If you are hiding from them yet, you did not know whether you can afford them because of your shape, or simply did not know what to combine them with, do not stop reading. Whe can tell for sure, that the boyfriend jeans - of course as all clothing in the world - fits better to more athletic bodies, but (!) they look cool at little more feminine shapes! (So ​​even if you yeat some more goodies over Easter they are still worth investing to).

Another important advantage is, that the boyfriend jeans can be worn on many ways. Whether in elegant - with blouse, blazer and hat, or casual - prolonged top and ballerinas, or even explicitly in leisure style - with sneakers and leather jacket. When wearing boyfriend jeans you should always apply two important principles:

1. have always hitched bottom hems

2.  wear either slim top or at least have it tucked into jeans from the front side, to promote female silhouette.

Here are a few examples.

boyfriend jeans brands24boyfriend jeans brands25boyfriend jeans brands24

boyfriend jeans rihanna brands24boyfriend jeans brands24boyfriend jeans brands24

For example, our beloved and Riri wears them this way:

boyfriend jeans rihanna brands24

We got the examples of how to combine specific boyfriend jeans Gaudi:

Gaudi boyfriend jeans outfit Roxy

Gaudi Jeans

Gaudi pumps

Gaudi handbag

Roxy sweater

boyfriend jeans outfit Gaudi

Gaudi Jeans

Roxy shirt

New Balance sneakers

Roxy cap

Gaudi handbag




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