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How to wear sneakers with pants

You would probably say something like "what could be so difficult on combining sneakers and pants  to write an article about it?" ... Well, at first sight, it is probably not very difficult, but the difference in results may be striking. The point is, if you want to look like normally (read "boring") person, or do you want to act like someone who follows the latests trends and even in this "common" outfit looks like he does know fashion...

Clearly it is essential to choose quality and stylish sneakers. Whether they be in retro style as New Balance, updated the classic models of Stan Smith and running ZX from adidas Originals, futuristic Yeezy Boost, aerobics or basketball Pump or fan of Reebok , it is up to you. As Pharell says: "What makes us individuality is that we can choose by ourselves."

Once you have selected your sneakers, important rule is to let them stand out. This can be achieved in various ways. For example by not conceal a little piece of them with your pants. Translated: Show ankles!. You can choose shorter (ie. 7/8 long) trousers, or cuff their edges a few inches above the ankles.

sneakers pants kombinacia

sneakers pantssneakers pants kombinacia

The other way is to make your beautiful new sneakers dominate your outfit. This is achieved simply: by contrast. Significant colored sneakers combine with black, gray or white clothing and contrary: pure white or black sneakers are perfect to the colorful outfits.

sneakers pants kombinacia

So what pants cut works best with sneakers? In my view, there are at least three.

1. Jogger pants. Pants wide at the top, or with lower middle part (harem style), which taper towards the ankles, and may even be terminated by a patent or wider rubber, are now hit of the streets. Wether they are in boyfriend cut, or of denim, track or solid cotton fabric, they are still number one.

sneakers pants kombinacia

Jogger pants combined with sneakers recently also increased in male fashion too, which I think is extremely cool.

sneakers pants kombinacia

2. Slim fit jeans or pants. Some of the sneakers may due to inflatable pads, running soles or different padding, act quite robust. Therefore, it is appropriate to balance the massive shape of the shoes with narrow trousers, which may have for example decorative stitching or used effect on the knees.

sneakers pants kombinacia

3. Leggings - colored and patterned, as well as black leather. Yes, you read right, black leather. Combining these two at first sight unlikely pieces of clothing actually works more than well.  A fantastic example in this case is Rita Ora and her collection for adidas originals, full of colors and crazy allover prints.

sneakers pants

For which variant you decide - it is up to you. Do not be afraid and take your sneakers everywhere, even on places, where - not long ago -  it was inimaginable to wear sneakers before. Not only they look fantastic and are stylish and variable, but above all they are unlike any other shoes - comfortable.

If you would like to buy some pants or leggings, you find them by clicking on this link >> .

Also you can explore men's sneakers on this link >> , and women's  here >>

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