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"The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." Yves Saint-Lurent. If you are also a fashion-passionate, welcome to my blog. :)

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Inspiration: How to wear a military jacket?

Military does not sound too feminine. Military styles , has step out of of military bases and a man's wardrobe and entered into women's collections. Thanks to creative designers, now they are now combined with in ways you would never imagine. As a  living example, we have here women military jacket made by Gaudi Italia. In one piece, the Italians  managed to combine - "military" green color, quilted leather sleeves (that they are now really IN, I must not stress) and a decorative gold chain. This combination sounds pretty crazy, but with the Italian sense of fashion and style it appeared as a unique and appealing fashion piece.

For inspiration, how to combine "military" into a casual look, we have created this set. Very simple, but effective. Outfit consist of military jacket, jeggings , simple white top, black pumps, a small black "chanel" like handbag. You probably have most of those things already at home, if not, all you can get them here at the Brands24 >>

Bunda >> Gaudi Desert sunrise / Rifle >> Julia Jegging / Top >> Gaudí top 53FD5011 / Pumps >> Pumps GAUDI V53-64190 BLACK / Bag >> Bag Gaudi V5A-69690 BLACK




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