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My mantra is a quote from Coco Chanel: " Fashion, you can buy, but style you gotta have." Internet is my world. My aim is to inform you about the latest tweaks, trends, fashion pieces, videos, Lookbooks and legends come-backs, but also about fails and freakings. Stay tuned! "

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Maxiskirt? Maxi-yes!

Maxiskirt a trend which is like a boomerang - returns every year.

Sometimes in the spring, sometimes in the summer. You can rely on her return simply as to snow in the April , mosquitoes attaxk in July and Christmas decorations in October. Therefore, one needs to be prepared and have at least one  maxiskirt the universal gray, blue, or black. Those which have a little courage, can go to pale pink, purple or mint. Patterned maxiskirts are the top. It is important to combine the romantic lower part with sporty, or even men's upper part of the outfit. Besides the traditional, eternal and a little bit boring white T-shirts and flip-flop, reach for white buttoned shirt and clogs.  Cropp tops and heels are strongly recommended, and sweatshirts and sneakers are even desirable. But note about proportionality of the outfit - this means that with a long skirt you always take shorter tops and waist belt. Otherwise you may look like a hippie-catholic teenage girl.

maxi skirt roxy

maxi skirt Roxy

maxi skirt Roxy

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