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"The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." Yves Saint-Lurent. If you are also a fashion-passionate, welcome to my blog. :)

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Most wanted spring outfit in zebra print

When the idea of animal prints, several of us imagine a 40 year old women with too much make-up, in one size smaller minidress with tiger print, desperately trying  make herself ten years younger... But this doesn not always need to be so, for example, zebra works quite nicely even streetstyle. The proof of this fact is this gillet with zebra print from Adidas Originals. High collar, long zipper and padding of synthetic feathers are the trinity, which together manage to keep you warm. Female tapered cut  ensures that you will not look and feel like wrapped in a quilt.

With this distinctive black and white combination fits a black T-shirt with a simple graphical motif, and also a gray hoodie, both from Adidas Originals. One would have thought that a monochrome outfit should be combined with colored sneakers, but one trend of one strongly colored element is long passé and the whole outfit should follow a similar tone. And therefore, white Adidas Originals Superstar Up sneaker with black details fit perfectly with it. But not to overdraw the black-white combination, the handbag (from Ferré) stays simply black, with a gentle letter pattern. 


Adidas outfit Zebra

Adidas vest

Adidas sweatshirt

Adidas Originals T-shirt

Ferre Milano Handbag

Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers Up



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