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Fashion gives us visibility, integrations, personality but the most important, makes us distiguish from the others. You can express with your outfit your visions, what you feel, and where you want belong. Today, there is no border to creativity in fashion. Fashion is everyday art ☺ I prefer urban style with strong influence of hip hop, models I admired as a youngster are the top in my fashion world. In my blog I will present you all the hottest news, I have seen and definitely must share with you. I will also contribute with my opinions and experience in comments. If you like my blog, support me with like or share ☺ Peace P

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Rita Ora Dragon Pack Collection is here!

So we finally got to it... After flowers, white smoke and x-ray patterns, pop diva Rita Ora is coming with her new collection, which is inspired by traditional Asian culture. By choosing a dragon she supposedly represents her rushing personality. We recognize she is a beast as it should be. Dragon Print additionally symbolizes power and strength. The whole look is enhanced by the choice of colors. Dominated by red and orange in combination with classic white and black. In this quality graphic prints Rita brings sportly -mainly basketball- clothes. You can find here leggings, shorts, sweatshirts, sneakers, bras and basketbal shirts. In short, everything you need for the perfect streetstyle outfit.

adidas rita ora dragon outfit

If you dare, we have prepared for you some pieces, so you can create an all-in dragon outfit with, just like Rita has. Start with moderate black leggings and a sport shirt with jersey. For your feet there are improved Superstar sneakers. If you will be cold in the evening, just drape over one of another extravagant sweatshirts with an all-over prints. All clothes are perfectly wearable even with basic pieces. Imagine, for example, white sneakers, jeans, simple T-shirt and sweatshirt. With models from the Dragon Print Collection yout don't have to try very hard, to stand out quite automatically and distinguish yourself from others.

All models you can buy from us. To order, click here:

1) leggings

2) T-shirt

3) sneakers

4) sweatshirt


adidas rita ora tankadidas rita ora dragon sweathisrtadidas rita ora dragon jacket

In this collection you'll find crazy things, as well as a little milder ones. Dragon basketbal T-shirt looks very sporty, therefore it should be combined extreme carefully. It has coloured print on the backside, and from the front it looks completely like normal basketball jersey. If you want to feel sexier, put it over a tight leggings which will accentuate the silhouette. You will easily achieve the perfect streetstyle. Rita Ora offers you two jumpers too. The first one is in simple lightweight oversize cut. If you prefer zipper, chose the other one. Although it is a little bit more courageous... but in Rita's collections you have to count with that.

All models you can buy from us. To order, click here:

1) T-shirt

2) hoodie without zip

3) jacket with zipper


adidas legging rita ora dragon - blackadidas leggings rita ora dragon

If you do not know what to wear quickly in the morning, these leggings will serve you as a great base. But prepare yourself that your feet will become the center of attention. At least those with all-over print simply can not be overlooked. However, Dragon Print is not a collection for gray mouses, but for the actual fashion goddesses and confident women who know exactly what they want. We enjoy also the new Superstar UP sneakers with hidden heel. They remain the traditional ankle cut. What is different is only the outer design. 

All models you can buy from us. To order, click here:

1) sneakers

2) black leggings

3) all-over print leggings

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