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Fashion gives us visibility, integrations, personality but the most important, makes us distiguish from the others. You can express with your outfit your visions, what you feel, and where you want belong. Today, there is no border to creativity in fashion. Fashion is everyday art ☺ I prefer urban style with strong influence of hip hop, models I admired as a youngster are the top in my fashion world. In my blog I will present you all the hottest news, I have seen and definitely must share with you. I will also contribute with my opinions and experience in comments. If you like my blog, support me with like or share ☺ Peace P

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adidas Originals Gymsacks [review]

Last season we experienced an unexpected boom. Sports bags, reminding us our school times, began to appear on the backs of the biggest trendsetters and world celebrities. What happened? A gymsack revolution came like a bolt from the blue. Putting your books to the library or laptop isn´t the best idea. But it´s a perfect and stylish replacement for various shoulder and hip bags. You do not have to carry stuff in your pockets and as the name suggests, you can put in your gym wear or lunch.

Camo Gymsack from adidas Originals is made of solid, semi shiny polyester. It has trendy all-over camouflage print and a label with the logo of adidas Originals on it. On both sides there are two cables instead of straps.

Click to order your >> Camo Gymsack <<

If you´re not a fan of bold designs, try Classic Gymsack  in black and white colorway. It´s classy, but stylish and super versatile.

Click to order your >> Classic Gymsack <<


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