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Fashion gives us visibility, integrations, personality but the most important, makes us distiguish from the others. You can express with your outfit your visions, what you feel, and where you want belong. Today, there is no border to creativity in fashion. Fashion is everyday art ☺ I prefer urban style with strong influence of hip hop, models I admired as a youngster are the top in my fashion world. In my blog I will present you all the hottest news, I have seen and definitely must share with you. I will also contribute with my opinions and experience in comments. If you like my blog, support me with like or share ☺ Peace P

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Reebok GL6000 Athletic pack [review]

Reebok intorduced redesigned classic collection of GL 6000 in Athletic Pack for the first time about a year ago. That time first foursome of sneakers in retro style saw the lights of the world. Since then sports giant Reebok regularly supplies new and new color variations of the successor of the legendary sneakers from 1985. All the "newbies" with letters GL and the number 6000 in the title have a common retrofeeling, but Reebok designers used much more mesh and suede in their design. Therefore even at the first sight is clear, that, despite its name, these sneakers will get much more along with city sidewalks and cafes as the athletic stadiums.

One of the latest additions to the Athletic pack collection are classic sneakers in the black / paperwhite / antique color combination. What is different is only the color and all the other symptoms of collections are properly maintained. Whether molded rubber heel support, or multi-layered midsole. If you put these GL 6000-s on, your foot will have enough freedom and space around the ankle due to low cut. Rubber outsole is durable and stable, so they wont't betray you even on wet pavement. Sneakers are composed of a coherent and balanced combination of materials in discreet colors, so they fit more for traditionalists and those who do not like to attract attention, but at the same time enjoy quality and style. No big wilderness are neither logos, embroidered with a golden thread to the tongue, heel and the outside of the rear portion.

If you lieke these sneakers, you can order them even right now here .

Reebok Classic - Athletic Pack - Black - Grey - Gold - GL 600Reebok GL 6000 - Classic Series - Athletic PackClassi Reebok sneakers - Athletic pack - GL 6000

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