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Fashion gives us visibility, integrations, personality but the most important, makes us distiguish from the others. You can express with your outfit your visions, what you feel, and where you want belong. Today, there is no border to creativity in fashion. Fashion is everyday art ☺ I prefer urban style with strong influence of hip hop, models I admired as a youngster are the top in my fashion world. In my blog I will present you all the hottest news, I have seen and definitely must share with you. I will also contribute with my opinions and experience in comments. If you like my blog, support me with like or share ☺ Peace P

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Reebok Pump Omni Lite [review]

Reebok Pump Omni Lite is one of most iconic models of Reebok sneakers of all time. That is a simple fact. Whether you like it or not, they're just legend. Since 1991, when Dee Brown introduced them during famous Drunk Slam Contest, they became a part of all basketball courts, but also American and then also European streets.

Ancestor of today's cool and hip sneakers with groundbreaking technology inflatable air cushions was black and white, ankle, and exclusively made for basketball. New retro release sneakers Omni Lite - Urban Lite Omni and Omni Lite Snowy - have a classic shape and inflate/deflate button built in a small basketball, but they come in neon colors. And, of course, they are no longer suitable for basketball courts only. Hexalite technology is an innovation in Reebok Omni lite sneakers, which absorbs shock and with every single step brings their owner's leg straight into heaven.  Boldly colored sole and quality leather in combination with fine net are making these darlings a total hit. Again :)


Reebok Pump omnilite

reebok pump omnilite womens

reebok pump omnilite solar white yellow black

reebok pump solar white yellow black

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