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Supercolor pack by Pharell - Art to release collections [review]

One of najjagavejších music stars now teamed up with one of the most popular sports Brandov to create a collection of fifty color variations one of the best selling brand of sneakers. Thus I write about complicated simple, but pretty numerous collection of classic sneakers Adidas Superstar titled Supercolor. It is co-author of Pharrell Williams and its release is to the day - today.

Rainbow collection was published in fifty color variations and no, it has no connection with the current kinohitom because gray is only one :) Supercolor pack according Pharellových words celebration of equality in diversity and color variations due to the fifty everyone will find their own style.

Their new superstar so you can choose not only to favorite colors, but also according to mood and occasion, you can be matched with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or at home in a rack set up a small rainbow. In Slovakia, while gradually come only eleven colors, but it can supplement their matchujúcimi Supercolor T-shirts, sweatshirts and gradually also. The choice is up to you, enjoy!



Adidas Originals SuperstarSupercolor pack by Pharrell WilliamsAdidas Superstar Pharell WilliamsPharell Williams Sneakers - Adidas SuperstarAdidas super color packAdidas Originals Superstar Pharrell Williams Supercolor packAdidas sneakers Pharell WilliamsAdidas Superstar shoes Supercolor


Adidas Superstar Super color packSuper color pack Pharell Williams

Adidas Supercolor pack Pharell

Adidas Supercolor pack Pharell

Adidas Supercolor pack Pharell

Adidas Supercolor pack Pharell

Adidas Supercolor pack Pharell

Choose your color:

Adidas Supercolor yellow

Adidas Supercolor red

Adidas Supercolor green

Adidas Supercolor olive

Adidas Supercolor purple

Adidas Supercolor menthol

Adidas Supercolor navy

Adidas Supercolor pink

Adidas Supercolor light blue

Sneakers can a match with a cool T-shirts and sweatshirts in the same color

Adidas Supercolor TshirtPharell Williams Supercolo TshirtAdidas Thsirt sueprstar Pharell WilliamsPharell Williams Supercolor tshirtAdidas Superstar Pharell Williams Supercolor packAdidas tshirt super color pack by Pharrell WilliamsAdidas Originals Tshirt Pharell WilliamsAdidas super color Pharell WilliamsAdidas Originals Superstar Tshirt

T-shirts you will find:

Adidas Originals Supercolor Red Tshirt

Adidas Originals Supercolor Tshirt Pink

Adidas Originals Supercolor Tshirt Yellow

Adidas Originals Supercolor Tshirt Green

Adidas Originals Supercolor Shirt olive

Adidas Originals Supercolor Tshirt Purple

Adidas Originals Supercolor Tshirt Blue

Adidas Originals Supercolor Tshirt bright blue

Adidas Originals Supercolor Shirt Turquoise

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