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We take your privacy very seriously and use information you have provided us only the way you wish.We never provide any of your information to third parties, except of those who are delivering your order. 

When you shop at our website we use a 128-bit SSL encrypted secure internet connection to protect your payment details. This means that all the details you supply and any responses are encrypted before they are sent over the internet.



A cookie is created by a web page server. It is  set and retained to help interaction between you and a website. Cookies make it faster and easier as they remember who you are and the last time you came to the website. This information includes things like websites you have previously visited, searches you have made, and which products you are interested in. This information is then used to serve you more relevant information based on your shopping preferences and to improve your shopping experience.

You have probably already enabled cookies on your computer, but you have the right to disable them any time, to do so, please visit the following site "Enable or disable cookies" . To find out more about cookies visit the following site "Manage your cookies".



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